I have never discussed supplements with my doctors. Formerly as a body builder and then as an endurance athlete, I gave doctors their proper respect based on their title bestowed on them for some level of mastery, in some small space in western medicine. Which gives them little depth to improve my practice of contemplative prayer, meditation, Tai Chi or what supplements to take and when. The key difference for me is in the west, we want to fix the body, in the east they seek to heal the body. What seems wrong is to dismiss one as inferior – this is a case where there are two rights, It is thereby the inherent responsibility of the individual to understand the dynamics of their own unique bodies.

My plan was to purchase Mastermind™, and if it worked to fill in with some cheaper supplements. However, Mastermind was so good (consume 3 twice daily), I reluctantly tried Genesis™, then Elements Plus™ and now FIT™, and what the heck the coffee (incredible), tea and yes, the dark chocolate. My conclusion, for me, unquestionably post 30 days; enough energy to train 120 minutes, more stamina (If only I could loan a bit to the younger guys so they can keep the pace), the focus and acuity of a mad scientist, and if you ever wondered what it would feel like to turn your body inside out and take a refreshing shower order a couple bottles of Genesis. I am all in.