“I would like to share with you my experience in taking Mastermind, Genesis, Elements Plus, Omega of Allysian Sciences for 7 months:


 59 years old


 – Positive, energetic, vibrant, emotionally stable and happier
 – More focused and observe more details while learning and facing people and things.
 – Can handle multiple tasks at the same time.
 – Can notice more details and catch some key points more easily.
 – Great improvement in the function of the left brain: logic, language expression, memorizing numbers and words, and more sustained memory.
 – The body is healthier, not always feeling so cold because of better blood circulation, and better digestion.
 – The skin gets better and looks younger.  The problem of cracked heels has gone (in Chinese medicine saying, this is because of good secretion of body fluid).
 – Exercise endurance and heart function are better.
 – Better sleep quality.
 – The problem of urinary incontinence has also been improved and I do not have such problem now.
 Thank you so much Allysian Sciences!”