“Huanyi Chen is 61 years old and has been taking Mastermind, Genesis, Elements Plus for more than 5 months. He has experienced a number of benefits so far:

– Happy and emotionally stable every day.
– His memory is getting better and better, no more forgetting things every day.
– The old memory also starts to come back and he can recall the old address.
– He used to be afraid of fast music (low energy), and now he will listen to fast songs that young people love (higher energy).
– In the past year, his parking was always crooked. After taking the product for more than 2 weeks, his parking has become straight (the judging ability of the brain was corrected).
– Now it is easier for him to remember phone numbers and names.
– The sleep quality has improved, and when awakened, he can go back to sleep quickly (before he was easy to be awakened and hard to sleep again).

I saved a man from dementia and I’m so happy! Grateful to meet Allysian!”